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Maybe you enjoy the classic game of cribbage, but you've often wondered what would happen if you, for instance, received 2 points for 14s instead of 15s. Or if you could peg to a number besides 31. In my new cribbage game, titled Cribbage Plus!, you can customize your game with these and many other optional rules too! For the purists out there, if you wish to play pure, standard cribbage, no problem! The game defaults to the standard rule set:

However, if you wish, you may apply the following customizations:

  • Count other numbers instead of 15. This can also be randomized so that it is a different number each hand!
  • Peg to other numbers instead of 31. Just like the 15s, this can also be randomized for each hand.
  • Swap a card with your opponent each hand.
  • Peg points for flushes! (3+ of the same suit gives an equal number of points.) This adds a whole new element to pegging strategy.
Also, you can pick from 3 opponents to battle with. The first is Novice Nelly. She may be new to cribbage and doesn't think all of her moves through, but she is just as likely to get good cards as anybody. Nevertheless, she should be an easy opponent to anyone with solid cribbage experience.

If you desire more of a challenge, you may play The Professor. The Professor is an expert at cribbage, and as such will prove a formidable foe for just about anyone. See if you can maintain a .500 average against him! I promise you, he isn't cheating!

However, if it is pure abuse you are after, you can choose to play against God. God (or whatever deity you see fit to play against) promises not to adjust the deal of the cards in any way shape or form. But if you were God, you'd at least be taking a glance at everybody elses cards, admit it. Well, the God you play against here is no different. It is possible to beat Him, but you're going to need cards to do it!

The game comes complete with sound effects that will harken back to a different age of video games. However, if you like, you can adjust the volume of these sound effects separately from your system. Or, if you don't like all of the bells and whistles, you can choose a less obrustive sound set, or turn them all off. It is all set in the easy to use Preferences Window:

It is here in the preferences window that you can completely customize your game of cribbage. Take a look at what can happen if you count 20s instead of 15s.

If you don't believe that a 37 hand is possible, just go ahead and try to count every combination of 20 (instead of 15). Hint: if you ever could get 5 of a kind in cribbage, it would count to 20 points!

I'm sure you've noticed that the table backdrop, or "tablecloth", is different in this picture. Instead of the drab grey background of versions 1.0.2 and earlier, I've added a variety of nice tablecloths for you to choose from. However, you can only unlock these tablecloths by earning "achievements" (of which registration is one!)

Some of these won't be too difficult to achieve, but some could take quite a long time. I know I've only received one 28 hand ever, and that was 25 years ago! However, achievements can only be earned by registered users. Wouldn't you hate to get that 28 hand before you registered? Nobody would ever believe you! I should add, that if you have any ideas for good achievements to strive for, I would love to hear about them. Shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do about incorporating your idea.

Yet another feather of Cribbage Plus! is the extensive data it records about your games. Not only does it keep track of your wins and losses (grouped based on difficulty level and customization), but it keeps track of the average points scored pegging, in hands, and in cribs, for both you and your opponent. It keeps track of winning streaks (and losing streaks), and the record of your last 10 games!

Novice Nelly enjoys practicing against registered and unregistered users alike, but both The Professor and God feel that they are above playing against anyone who doesn't register their software. You may register directly in game, or you may purchase from my online store. When you purchase the game, you will be asked for a registration number. You will find this number in the "About Cribbage Plus!" window. Simply paste that number where the online store requires it, and you will be sent an activation code. When you receive the code, simply paste that in the "About Cribbage Plus!" window and activate. Voila!

Or, to register directly, simply choose "Buy Cribbage Plus!" in the Game menu. You will be asked to enter your credit card information (through a secure transaction), and it will automatically activate the game for you.

Checking for new updates and versions is now easier than ever. Simply choose "Check for Updates" out of the Game menu and you can have the latest version right away.

Thank you for your interest in Cribbage Plus!. May all your hands be 29s. Or even 37s?

Send any questions, comments, ideas, bug fixes, or general rude remarks to

There are some reviews online, both at Versiontracker and at a wonderful website for all things Cribbage, called Cribbage Corner.